Apply for a grant

Before applying for a grant please check that you meet our criteria:

  • Your organisation a registered charity, currently registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales.
  • You want to apply for a grant in one of the following areas
    – Education
    – Elderly
    – Arts
    – Disabled
    – Disadvantaged
    – Holidays and Sports (including respite breaks)
    – Medical
    – Hospices
    – Health Support
    – Children and Youth
  • Your organisation is based in Essex or North East London or, if it is not (for example because it is a national organisation), that it will benefit individuals in those areas
Please also note that:
  • Grants are awarded at Trustee meetings, held quarterly as follows:

      – Early March – application deadline 1st February,

      – Early June – application deadline 1st May,

      – Early September – application deadline 1st August,

      – Mid November – application deadline 15th October.

      Applications that are received after the cut-off date are held over to the next meeting.

    • Most of our grants are made for between £1,000 and £5,000 but we do sometimes provide larger grants for specific projects.
    • Other than in exceptional circumstances we do not usually give more than one grant each year to the same organization.
    • You will need to provide us with evidence of your financial sustainability and for this we will require a copy of your latest completed financial statements, any draft financial statements and current management accounts.
    • From time to time we may publicise funding priorities which may affect your decision to apply for a grant.
    • Unfortunately we are not able to answer queries about funding applications by phone.


    How to apply
    1. Click to download application form
      Download Word form Download PDF form
    2. Read the guidance notes and fill in the form
    3. Send the completed form together with accompanying documents (including final accounts and current management accounts) by email as an attachment to


    Please do not return documents by registered post

    The CSFCT office is not open every day and applications sent ‘Signed For’ or registered mail have to be collected from the main Post Office. This can delay your application being processed. Applications sent by standard mail will normally be acknowledged by email within a few days of arrival. It is recommended that applications are sent by e-mail whenever possible.

    Thank you!


    Protecting personal data

    The data protection legislation called GDPR requires that we must have a lawful basis for processing any personal data you send us, whether about you or beneficiaries on whose behalf you are applying for funding from the Charles S French Charitable Trust.

    When making an application you will be asked to confirm that:

    • You understand it is in our legitimate interests to hold details about you including your name and email address because you have contacted us to apply for funding;
    • Where you are applying for funding on behalf of any beneficiaries whose personal data you intend to disclose to us, that you have obtained those beneficiaries’ explicit consent for such disclosure;
    • You agree to us contacting you with news and information about the Charles S French Charitable Trust, provided that you will always be given the option to opt out from such communication