Breaking Barriers

Thanks to your support, in the year since we received our grant we have supported 380 refugee clients through our BB Employment Programme. We are delighted that 130 of these clients (34%) achieved an outcome of entering employment, education, volunteering or training. Overall, 161 outcomes were achieved because some of our clients achieved multiple outcomes. Moreover, 95% of these clients reported that they felt either more or much more confident to achieve their goals as a result of Breaking Barriers’ support.

Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning

The lockdown earlier this year had a devastating impact on our beneficiaries and the Centre. This year we utilised your grant to assist us during lockdown as we provided online learning tools, took action (in accordance with Covid-19 guidance issued to schools) to adjust the site, carried out essential maintenance and cared for our animals.

Community Development Association for Minority Communities

We wouldn’t be able to do this great work without your support. Your support created many opportunities for partnership working with parents to build strong, safe and healthy communities. We will try our best to make sure that disadvantaged children from minority communities are given the additional support they need to succeed, reach their fullest potential academically, socially, emotionally, physically and enabling each child to grow in confidence to participate in the wider community.

Ministry of Stories

Ministry of Stories would like to say a huge thank you to the Trustees of the Charles S French Charitable Trust for supporting our Community Writing Lab for one term. During this period we worked with 63 young people over 11 sessions, offering them one-to-one support and mentoring. The “Ancient Kingdoms” project addresses the lack of BAME representation in young people’s cultural and historical education.

Nordoff Robbins

We’re incredibly grateful to receive your consistent financial support which enables us to develop our music services in Essex year on year. our findings show that Nordoff Robbins music therapy is seen to have a positive impact in four key areas:

▪ 95% developed better speech, language and communication.

▪ 100% developed better social skills and interaction.

▪ 95% experienced increased relaxation and better mental health.

▪ 100% experienced a positive change in atmosphere in the school