Ascension Community Trust Summer Scheme

Thank you kindly for your generous support towards our summer scheme. 35 children attended from a diverse range of backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures and worked together in teams, built new friendships and improved their educational and social development.

Barrow Farm RDA Refurbishment

The Trustees would like to thank Charles S French Charitable Trust once again for their generous contribution to the refurbishment project. Without your help this project would not have been completed and we are truly indebted to you.

Cardboard Citizens

Many thanks for your generous support of Cardboard Citizens’ successful tour of Cathy. which visited the Clifftown Studio Theatre in Southend. We reached an audience of 126 people, 93% of the capacity of Clifftown Studio Theatre.

We also delivered a workshop in Southend with 17 homeless individuals, as well as a selection of local artists and social sector staff. Again many thanks for your support.

Caritas Anchor House

More than a quarter of a million people are homeless in England and an average of 1 in 51 people in London alone. Caritas Anchor House, based in East London, provides a home and support to up to 250 people each year, and helps to rebuild their lives by providing education, guidance and personal rehabilitation.

Your support is much appreciated.

Healthy Living Projects

The Welcome Project is not just a place where homeless people go for practical services but a centre that takes a holistic and person centered approach to meeting needs. The project’s aims are for clients to begin the journey of restoration and move towards a life of independence. We would like to thank Charles S French Charitable Trust for this grant that has helped us run services that make a positive difference to those who are and have experienced homelessness.

Prison Me No Way

The grant made to us will be used towards supporting the delivery of 4 Crime & Safety Awareness days in schools in Walthamstow, Stratford, Bethnal Green and Chingford. Many thanks for your continued support.

Quaker Social Action

Thank you for the grant we received in 2016 toward our flagship capability project – Made of Money (Taking the Fear out of Finance). This gift had a tremendous impact on our work with families living on low incomes.

Chelmsford Foodbank

Your grant helped towards the processing of 1,346 Foodbank vouchers, resulting in 1,965 adults and 1,209 children being fed over the past twelve months. Support with grants from Trusts such as yours means we now have sufficient funds to keep us going to at least the winter period.