The Garden Classroom

We provide urban children and adults with transformative outdoor experiences devised to encourage active lifestyles, promote self-discovery, inspire growth and stimulate respect for nature.

“TGC is a force for good in this world. After the virus we shall all need more contact with nature to help find a new approach to being human. You are showing the way and giving school children a glimpse of fundamental and valuable education. Thank you!”


As we all know 2020 had many unexpected challenges.  For FoodCycle it meant having to adapt quickly to ensure we could continue to support those that needed us most.

We are immensely proud of what has been achieved with your support, and we have been overwhelmed by the warmth of human kindness that has resonated from everyone involved with FoodCycle.

Hope House Essex

Since Hope House opened its doors in January 2017, nearly 40 people have been given the support to break the cycle of homelessness. Despite the very complex nature of the client group, 50% have moved on to permanent accommodation as a direct result of the consistency, counselling and care they received at Hope House. This will have a benefit not only to the clients that received the support, but their families and friends and the wider community. Our track record would therefore suggest that the model works!

Further to your kind donation towards the funding of an Activity Co-ordinator, a local person has been taken on. The focus is mainly on our residents, but he also provides a service to our ex residents living independently in the community. This helps to prevent them from feeling isolated in the community and keeps a link with Hope House so that we can offer additional support if needed. Although the Covid 19 pandemic has meant that we have had to temporarily suspend this work for safety reasons, we are hoping to be able to resume full activities as soon as it is safe to do so.

Blooming Blossoms Trust

I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your generous support. Thank you for giving children with Sen. needs another chance to bloom in an environment suitable to their unique needs. Most people can enjoy the beauty of a flower; but not many have the grit, patience and belief gardening takes. Through your grant you have essentially said ‘We care about children with additional learning needs and believe that they can succeed and thrive just like every seed can blossom.