Disadvantaged/ Disabled


We greatly appreciate the donation that the Trustees gave towards our 2016 programme of courses that aim to help children about to face the move to secondary school. Afasic’s Summer Starters Programme supported over 145 young people experiencing speech, language and communication needs,with their transition to secondary schools across England.



I am writing to you with thanks for the grant that Charles S French Charitable Trust made to Brainwave


British Wireless for the Blind Fund

6 sets of our specially adapted ‘Concerto 2’ FM/DAB radios with tape, CD, SD card and USB memory stick facilities were issued as a result of the grant you gave us in September. Please thank the Trustees for their continuing support and the sets that your grant has provided are much appreciated. Our sets really do make a difference to a visually impaired person’s life – a real Lifeline to the World.


Deafblind UK

On behalf of Deafblind UK and all of the members we support across the UK, thank you so very much for your support last year which enabled us to provide many services to our members.


Listening Books

Thank you for your grant in September to fund our work. Your grant has been allocated in support of 10 print-impaired people in the area providing them with free access to our service of 7,000 audio books via MP3 CD, internet streaming and downloads.


Michael Roberts Charitable Trust (MRCT)

I take this opportunity to thank all the Trustees of Charles S French Charitable Trust for providing our charity with yearly financial support, which has greatly helped us in developing our services to local people in need and crisis.

MRCT works in partnership with churches, schools, supermarkets, businesses and front-line professional care agencies to provide this valuable community resource.



Remap is a UK charity with skilled volunteers who custom make equipment for disabled people, helping them achieve independence and a better quality of life.

Thank you for your grant which helped us achieve a 5% increase in referrals to 3,405. This includes 2,000 people who benefited by being able to live more comfortably, more independently and with greater privacy in their own homes and a further 800 people who benefited from gaining easier access in and out of their homes.


Well Child

On behalf of WellChild we would like to thank the Charles S French Charitable Trust for playing a very special and generous role in making a garden project possible.