Thanks to generosity like yours we are working to meet the on-going need for our life-changing equipment for young people living in Essex and London.

Funding from Charles S French has paid for an adapted trike and this young person is loving his new freedom!



BOSP – Brighter Opportunities for Special People

During November – December 2020, with partial funding from Charles S French Charitable Trust, BOSP has been able to deliver 28 ‘schools out’ sessions, representing 70 places and 487 hours. This ‘help away from the family home’ has enabled parent carers to remain in employment as they have been relieved of their weekday caring duties as if their child were attending school. This vital respite from their 24 hours a day, seven days a week care, has greatly reduced anxiety, preventing potential poverty and the occurrence of family breakdowns. It has provided inclusive social and learning opportunities for isolated children and young people with complex disabilities, resulting in increased confidence, a reduction in challenging behaviours, improved sleep and general well-being.



The Sequal Trust

Following the provision of a new talker, the recipient’s mother has sent this message –

Eddie’s new talker has arrived and to say he is excited and happy is an understatement. It’s just wonderful to be able to talk to him again, instead of him flaying his arms around trying to do letters in mid air! A real conversation at last! My sanity has been restored and the frustration has vanished, for both of us. My heartfelt thanks to you at the Sequal Trust, who work tirelessly to get funding for Eddie’s new talker and also to the Charles S French  charity who paid the money to enable Eddie to have his voice again – thank you, which  seems so inadequate. It’s so hard for people to understand the frustration both Eddie and I have had, trying to communicate without a device. It’s the best Christmas present ever – thank you so much.



Hearing dogs for Deaf People

The generosity of trusts and foundations such as yourselves, allows Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to continue providing ongoing support to people affected by hearing loss, and we are truly grateful. In the past year, our services have helped over 4,835 deaf people; from providing hearing dogs and partnership support, to making our Helpdesk and support programmes available to all.



Steppingstones Play and Learn Group

The purpose of the grant enabled us to support children aged 5 years old and under to access the Early Years Foundation Stage within the term-time nursery and in our summer and Easter holiday respite provision. General running costs include continued funding of support for children with severe learning disabilities and autism, enabling them to learn, to enjoy a social time with their peers and wider community and develop skills.