St Clare Hospice

We are so grateful to the Trustees for their continued support of our work over many years. It is because of the commitment from donors like The Charles S French Charitable Trust that we have been able to consistently expand our services and our reach, whilst maintaining very high-quality care, (rated ‘Outstanding’ by CQC, December 2019).

The Trustees’ support of a brand new and much needed bereavement counselling service for children and young people in 2017 ultimately led to that service becoming an integral part of our family support provision, with long term funding from BBC Children in Need now secured. Without that early investment, we would have struggled to get this vital service established. We are hopeful that the same can be achieved as a result of the Charles S French Trust’s early contribution to our plan to significantly expand our Hospice at Home service.

The donation from The Charles S French Charitable Trust has helped fund our response to an increase in demand for hospice at home care during the pandemic, and particularly, an increase in complex cases that require many additional days of care, (average length of care per patient during the pandemic increased from 5 to 14 days). The donation helped ensure our ability to meet the needs of over 400 patients during the last 6 months, an increase of 33% on the same period in 2019/20.


Richard House Hospice

Our Hospice at Home service has been more in demand than ever as we find ourselves in a third lockdown. Through the service we send our dedicated nurses and care staff out to children’s homes, to provide essential palliative care and social interaction as well as a chance for parents and carers to have a break. It has been a lifeline throughout the pandemic: helping to alleviate the isolation and loneliness of shielding at home; getting around the increased difficulty of travelling to the hospice at the moment; and continuing to give children and families their Richard House experience in a way that is safe and convenient during this time.

None of this would be possible without donations, so on behalf of us all, a huge thank you for all of your support of the hospice over the past year.


St Helena Hospice

The Hospice is very busy especially our SinglePoint, Community Clinical Nurse Specialists and our Virtual Ward as we seek to keep more patients in their own homes with their families. Given the restrictions on visitors to hospices this is the best option for all concerned. Patients and their families are truly grateful for all the support we provide. After the death of her mother on the virtual ward during the first lockdown one family member said:

“We’re grateful for the phenomenal help and support generously given to my wonderful mother by the virtual ward in her final weeks, but also to my Aunt and me. We were all treated with unfailing compassion, dignity and respect.”

Your grant will help us to continue this work and we are exceedingly grateful. Thank you so much.