Honey Pot Children's Charity

We’re ever thankful to you, our supporters as we simply couldn’t function without you, being a completely unique children’s charity with little to no government grants and providing support to young carers – children who are all too often overlooked.

The Running Charity

We would like to thank the Trustees for their support. We are a small charity and we really do appreciate all of the support that we receive as we work jointly towards providing a better future for homeless and vulnerable young people.

Swimming Trust

Your support is much appreciated with our Swimming Teacher Development Project in Haringey, East London.

Willow Special Days

We thank you for your support of Willow Special Days. Reece is a dad of three living with bowel cancer and his Special Day was made possible with the support of Charles S French Charitable Trust. We approached the family and shared with them how your Trust has funded three Special Days for families from Essex. Thank you for giving Reece and his family a Special Day in Norfolk.